Our vision & mission

Sound logos, audio branding & jingles, brands have more to gain from sound than ever before. Although scientific research about audio recognition is still in its infancy, the results we have now are undeniable:

Sound is the most effective aspect of branding.

And it is many times stronger than any type of visual media. Its potential is limitless, and countless of audiences are yet to be reached. Sadly, the amount of brands that opt for stock sound is increasing. That’s because stock sound is often mistaken as the “safe” alternative to a custom sound logo. Unique sound logos are also seen as an exorbitant luxury, a privilege reserved for only the biggest companies and international brands. Furthermore, potential difficult licensing issues scare many brands away. Why choose something unique when you can have something tepid and bland?

Well, let’s do a little experiment. Take a listen to the audio branding around you. You will probably hear quite a few jingles and sonic cues. But in all probability you won’t be able to recall most of them because you have become accustomed to their rather unimaginative nature. Time and time again we hear brands use the same type of old-fashioned stock music and lackluster sound logos. This makes for a perfectly forgettable sonic experience and an audience that is oblivious to your brand. All while the footprint of sonic media is increasing and audiences are increasingly reliant on sound!

Make a change, and go for a unique sound logo to enrich your brand.

Here at Sound Logo Shop we believe that every brand can have its own unique sound. A sound to convey stories, a sound to enrich your identity. A sound to reach and activate audiences, a sound to leave lasting impressions. We strive to create audio logos that any brand can use. Whether your brand is a small endeavor or already an established name in your field of work, everyone should be able to create a unique sonic identity. All without struggling with difficult licensing problems or dealing with sky high fees. Take a listen to our large selection of sound logos, or contact us to discuss the possibilities for your own custom sound logo

We work tirelessly to make the airwaves a whole lot more interesting to listen to. Every brand a sound!

Meet our team

CEO / Producer

David Marcel de Jong

David founded Sound Logo Shop in 2021. He is a musician by trade, but discovered he also has an entrepreneurial mind. Since graduating from Groningen Conservatory, David has composed and produced music for many commercial brands, theatre performances and art exhibits. He has since branched out and made his professionally crafted music and sounds available for every brand and project. Interested in anything that makes a sound, he manages to create epic music through unorthodox yet creative means. Some of David’s other business endeavors are Fine Tune Audio

Sound designer

Alwin van Kuijk

Alwin joined the Sound Logo Shop team as an intern, and has been an endless source of fresh musical ideas. Learning the ropes by studying Audio Design at Friesland College, he has made music and sounds ever since. His passion for audio is only matched by his limitless creativity and drive to learn more. His main contribution to our team is discovering crazy sounds which to incorporate in his audio logos and to make those of his colleagues even better. If you need an unusual but very creative flair to your sonic identity, Alwin is your man.

Sound designer

Eelke Zuidhoek

Although he started out as an intern, Eelke quickly made himself an irreplaceable asset to the team of Sound Logo Shop. Hailing from a musical family, he has been making tunes long before enrolling at Friesland College. He has since become proficient at both sound design and audio editing. Eelke decided to try his hand at writing audio logos after hearing what world-class DJ’s can compose in just a few seconds. Taking this approach to heart, Eelke manages to quickly and creatively put his musical ideas into pleasant sounding tunes.