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1. Basic User License

By purchasing a Basic User License we allow you permanent use of the sound logo for non-commercial projects. For example you can use it as much as you want on; personal film projects, your website, and on organic social media posts (not paid). You can not use it in paid content, advertisements, or in a commercial on TV or radio. For commercial use you need a full user license.

All sound logos from our shop are perfect for small brands and startups with a tight budget. These sound logos are composed to appeal to a wide range of smaller brands that need a sonic identity. After purchasing a user license for the sound logo (basic or full license), these sound logos will still be available to other brands to purchase and use.

Although these sound logos are not exclusive to just your brand, they are just as expressive as our other professionally crafted options. Non-exclusive audio logos set the stage for great things to come by grabbing the attention of your fledgling audience. If your brand is starting to grow and you are in need of a more personal sonic statement, feel free to reach out for a custom sound logo for your brand.

2. Full User License

By purchasing a Full User License we allow you to use the sound logo for all kinds of projects for over a certain time. You can use it for everything the Basic User License covers, but also for any commercial project such as paid posts, advertisements or commercials. Our licenses lasts for either one or three years before it reverts to a Basic User License or you have to renew it. If you want to renew your license or to get a license for a longer period, you can contact us.

All our sound logos are composed with recognition and ease of listening as the focal point. By selecting a Full User License for your sound logo your brand you will have the freedom to use the sound logo in all kind of productions for the whole duration that the license covers. A Full User License is perfect for bigger brands that need more freedom to use the sound logo in all kinds of projects. After purchase, your selected sound logo will still be available for others to purchase.

Our library of sound logos is changing fast – so be sure to check it out regularly. If you need audio branding that matches the characteristics of your brand to the fullest, we suggest opting for a custom sound logo.

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3. Custom sound logos

Your brand is unique, and a custom sound logo reflects that. A custom audio statement is the cherry on the cake for any brands identity. Our sound engineers and composers will craft a sonic phrase that perfectly aligns with your marketing strategy and gets your audience up and moving.

A custom sound logo provides a special, unique listening experience and helps your audience recognize your brand at all times. Therefore, our team will thoroughly consult you and your colleagues and then encapsulate the essence of your brand in a beautiful sounding piece of audio branding. All the custom sound logos that we create have a full user license included, even for commercial use. Start your sound logo adventure today, and request a quote by clicking the button below.

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All our professionally crafted sound logos are subject to licensing. What does that mean? It means that any sound logo can be used for the minimum of one year as you see fit, within the parameters of your chosen license. Different purposes for a sound logo require different licenses. For example, a sound logo meant for TV requires a different license than one meant for online purposes. Choosing the right license for your sound logo is easy: you can choose what kind of license you wish to buy at checkout. You can find further information regarding our licensing policy in our FAQ.