How it works

Here at Soundlogo.Shop, we create all our audio branding with utmost care. Whether you select one of our premade or a custom sound logo, we guarantee a professional sound for every brand. During our composing process we keep your wishes and the unique story of your brand as the focal point. This way we ensure an effective and lasting impression on your audience. We use state of the art digital audio workstations (DAWs) and a plethora of different instruments from all across the world to convey your story.

Custom Soundlogos

An audio logo that fits your brand in every way – it’s more important than ever before. But how does the process of acquiring a custom sound logo work? We’ll take you through our process in five steps.

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Step 1: Tell us about your brand

You can request a custom sound logo by filling in our contact form. We will contact you to discuss your brand and your wishes for your sound logo.

Step 2: We create a sound board

We create a sound board. What’s a sound board? A sound board is a collection of existing musical cues that might serve as a source of inspiration. It can help you express your wishes even clearer and help us fine tune the final product.

Step 3: We compose a first draft

We compose a first draft of your sound logo based on your wishes.

Step 4: Review and adjust your sound logo

You can then review the first draft. After all, you know your brand best and we value any comments you might have. After any potential adjustments, you can then use your finished sound logo as you see fit.

Step 5: Reach your audience like never before

Time to amaze your audience!