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Sound Logo Shop is an online shop which offers sound logos. We offer premade sound logos as well as custom sound logos.

Sound Logo Shop is powered by Fine Tune Audio which is one of the market leaders in sonic branding in the Netherlands. Since our founding, we have sold our professionally composed sound logos to brands of all different kinds. All the people in our team have been active in the music industry for years in different capacities, but our common denominator is our love for music. We combine our efforts to compose the best audio branding for every company and project.
A sound logo, also known as an audio logo, jingle, sonic logo or audio branding, is a short soundbite that represents your brand. Every brand has a logo and a corporate visual identity which tells a story of who they are, what products they sell and what their vision is. But brands can also have a sonic identity - which tells the same story, albeit through sound.

Sound Logo Shop composes and sells sound logos to brands, companies and projects. We help you find the perfect way to express your brands story through sound.
First and foremost, we make sound logos because we love making sounds and music.

Secondly, we believe that many brands can insufficiently express themselves through visual media alone. We wish to help as many brands (and audiences) as much as possible. How? A picture may say more than a thousand words, but a great sound exceeds just about anything. With a sound you can convey the story of your brand or project more in depth. For example, a friendly sound is for brands with a friendly face, while a more bold a logo will convey an air of coolness. With our professionally crafted sound logos you can tell your audience who you are and what you stand for, and even activate your audience.

Our love for music and sounds and our conviction to improve sonic identities guide us in making the best sound logos for any brand or project.
Sound Logo Shop offers premade or custom made sound logos for companies. There are two types of user licenses for sound logos: Basic and Full User Licenses.

Our Basic License covers all non-commercial use. So it's perfect for any smaller company that need an authentic sonic identity, but is on a tighter budget. We believe that any brand can benefit from a sonic identity and price shouldn't hinder that. That's why it's a one-time purchase that you don't have to renew. It can be used organically on personal projects, social media profiles or on your website. After purchase, others are still able to buy and use the same sound logo.

The Full User License can also be bought for our premade sound logos. With the Full User License you can use the sound logos for everything the Basic User License covers, but you can also use it for paid posts, advertisements or commercials. The Full User Licenses lasts for either one or three years before you have to renew it, or else it reverts to a Basic User License. Should you wish to extend that period, feel free to reach out!

A custom sound logo is composed by us according to your wishes and includes a full license. It tells the story of your particular brand in the most effective and original way. Therefore, it is not already present in our selection of sound logos. You could, however, use one of our other sound logos as an inspiration for your own custom sound logo.

Ordering process

Purchasing a sound logo from Sound Logo Shop is easy. You can purchase one of our sound logos by making a selection from our library, and adding it to your shopping basket. You will then be taken to a checkout screen in which you can add your details and finish your payment. After your payment has been processed, your sound logo, together with you license, will be available for download in ‘My Account’.

If you are in need of a custom made sound logo, please contact us by filling in the question form on our contact page. We will answer your question as soon as possible and send you a quote depending on your request.
If you have purchased one of our premade sound logos, it will be available immediately after your payment has been processed. You can find a download link to your purchase in ‘My Account’.

Custom sound logos might take longer for us to complete because of research time, deliberation with you and any fine tuning. The average time for us to complete a sound logo is anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. We will give you regular updates on the status of your custom sound logo. If you need a custom logo in a (very) short time span, please contact us.
Of course! We love our job and we will work hard to give your brand the sonic identity it deserves. But alas, we are mere mortals and we need some time off now and then. If you have asked us a question regarding your custom sound logo outside of business hours, on holidays or during the weekend, we will send you a reply on the next business day.
Our custom sound logos are tailor-made specifically for your brand. Therefore, your opinion and insights are very important to the end product. After you have signed off on the final product our cooperation has come to an end. Any requests for further changes to the sound logo may be subject to additional fees.
Our sound logos are crafted in one of our professional sound studios and are up to industry standards. After purchase, all sound logos are available for download in WAV-format in 'My Account'. If you need your sound logo in a different format, please contact us.


Payment can be done through iDeal (Dutch online payment process), credit card and PayPal. In-shop sound logos are available for download after your purchase has been processed.
No, sadly this is not possible. This is because it is a digital product which easily can be copied. This, being a digital product, is a special exception to the EU return policy and is also part of our Terms of Conditions. But should this issue arise, then feel free to contact us so we can figure out the best solution for you.
Our sound logos varies in price based on how much effort was needed to create them and also how versatile and "logo-friendly" they are. Since these are licenses, the pricing also varies between the different types of licenses, and duration.

The price for our Basic User License ranges from €250-€500. If you want to upgrade to a Full User License, this will cost you an additional €300 per year or €750 per three years.
The cost of a custom sound logo may differ depending on your wishes, and we will always send you a quote prior to composing the sound logo, to ensure that you are happy with the price.
The Dutch VAT rate is currently set at 21%. All our fees, as shown on our website, are with VAT excluded.
Yes. After you have purchased a sound logo, regardless of the service you have selected, you will receive an invoice by e-mail containing our VAT information.

Did you not receive an e-mail containing an invoice? Please make sure to check your spam folder. If you are still having issues locating your invoice, please contact us.


Copyright rules apply on every bit of creatively made content. The sound logos of Sound Logo Shop are copyrighted as well. In order to use one of our sound logos you need a license. But just like how a fishing license doesn't give you the right to drive a car, not every license is the same in the case of audio branding.

In order to use one of our sound logos for commercial use, you will need one of our Full User Licenses. If you plan on using one of our sound logos for non-commercial uses you only need an the Basic User License. You can choose for what ends you will use your sound logo in the checkout procedure. If you are not sure what license applies to your brand or medium, please contact us.
When you buy one of our sound logos you can choose at checkout whatever license you might need. That means if you choose a Basic User License, you can use your sound logo for non-commercial uses only.

If you later choose to use your sound logos for commercial uses, you need to buy an additional Full User License.

If your Full User License expires, you must inform us to renew it. If use continues without a valid license we will forced to pursue legal actions.
Sound Logo Shop offers two different licenses.

Firstly, we offer non-commercial licenses for any sound logo: the Basic User License. This encompasses a wide range of possibilities, including artistic, educational, scholarly, and personal projects that will not be marketed, promoted, or sold. Examples include, but are not limited to, presentations, art expositions, educational projects, free and ad-free apps.

Secondly, we offer commercial licenses for any sound logo: the Full User License. Commercial use is any purpose that is marketed, promoted, or sold or incorporates a financial transaction. Examples include, but are not limited to, TV, radio and online ads, apps that will be sold or have advertising, TV programs and commercial films, advertisements, commercial websites, and cause-related marketing.

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